A fleet of trucks totalling 330 were found to be infested with bed bugs however the exact number of trucks that were being affected was not known. Drivers were complaining of getting bitten and there were an increasing number of drivers that were experiencing the uncomfortable effects of Bed Bugs. The drivers were also taking the bed bugs home after picking them up in the trucks. The company were at a loose end and really had no idea what to do.


Whelan Pest Prevention bought in its sniffer dog team on a Sunday morning and searched every vehicle in its 330 fleet of HGV vehicles we found in total 32 Vehicles which were immediately withdrawn from the fleet and heat treated. Heat treatment is certainly the best way to tackle an established infestation of bed bugs. Bed bugs are particularly resistant to the residuals of even the best professional strength insecticides, and they are very hard to direct hit with them because they live in the tightest nooks and crannies and its contents. The difference with heat treatment is that you are taking the core treatment, very hot air, into all the crevices where they live, killing all life stages (bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults) in situ.

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